Grand Prize
Seoul Intl. Cartoon &
Animation Festival 2012
Best Animation
CFC Worldwide Short
Film Festival 2012
Best Animation
Sydney Film Festival
Best Short Film
Indianapolis International
Film Festival 2012
Best Animated Short
Newport Beach Film
Festival 2012
Grand Prize
Rhode Island International
Film Festival 2011

Mini-Documentary About the Artist Behind the Maker Puppets

The Maker Score Performed Live by the MVHS Chamber Orchestra

The Maker Tattoo Worn by Estefania From Spain

The Maker Tattoo by Russian Tattooist Ilya Fominykh

Viewers Have Watched The Maker for an Equivalent of 36 Years!

Digital Painting by Riku Bargholz from Gainstorf, Germany

Quote from Entertainment Magazine ‘Under The Gun Review’

Illustration by C-H. Kwon from the Republic of Korea

Film Festival Awards and Nominations

Cake by Rub-A-Duckie, Featuring The Maker

5 Year Old Nikolas Was Inspired to Learn the Violin

Digital Painting by 16 Year Old Jorge Picos From Mexico

Over 100,000 Viewers Watch The Maker Each Month

Face Painting by Make-Up Artist Elvis Schmoulianoff

Quote from Website ‘Short Of The Week’

Digital Painting by Gianluca Ciriminna from Italy

Illustration by Ben Anderson from DeviantART

Painting by Tumblr user Childish Aadultery

Quote by ‘Skwigly’ Animation Magazine

Doll Created by Tumblr User Atom’s Child

The Maker Recreated in Live Action by Alek Bélanger

Illustration by 13 year old Noah Boyer from Tennessee

Quote from Media Arts Organisation ‘Tribe’

Maker Doll by Илона Шмидт from Germany

Digital Painting by 16 Year Old Jesh Chow from Australia

A Maker Inspired Halloween Costume

The Maker Face Sculpt by Tumblr User Sakuton

Painting by Tumblr User ‘Jumperrs and Tea’

Speed Painting with Oils: “The Maker” by TrimmDraws

Painting by deviantArt user Pluvia Cinis

Cut-out by 4 Year Old Nikolas from Sydney, Australia

Maker Doll Submitted by Rosa from Alajuela, Costa Rica

Illustration by deviantART user JoJoCookie-Chan

Cut-out by deviantART user Haylee Trowbridge

Illustration by deviantARt User DreamwithintheHeart

Painting by Zafirka Stoyanova from Bulgaria

3D Game Designed by ROBLOX User Tornado Zebra

Maker Masks by Pa von Pi from Gdynia, Poland

Illustration by deviantArt user Marisa Gennace

Maker Illustration by Matthew Turner

Illustration by 17 Year Old Dasha From the UK

Maker Watercolor By 15 Year Old Clémence From France.

Painting by Zafirka Stoyanova from Bulgaria

Maker Doll by Tom Windham from Orofino Idaho

Illustration by Tumblr User ‘Let Them Eat Cake’

Maker Illustration by Martina Gammino

Illustration by Tumblr User Kindii From the USA

A Maker Inspired Halloween Costume by Joseph Gregory

Maker Doll by Creative Director Carlos Blanchard

Halloween Costumes – Verdugo Verdulero & Claudia Navarro

Illustration by Tumblr User ‘Melody sketch’

Illustration by Tumblr User ‘Nightmare of dreams’

Illustration by sophia_soli on Instagram

Illustration by sophia_soli on Instagram

Tattoo by evie__morgan from Instagram

Illustration by _heredali_ on Instagram

The Maker Cosplay by Stefania Attanasio